As we’re in the middle of the global pandemic, it shouldn’t surprise you at all that millions of people are struggling with their mental health nowadays. If you’re one of these people, too – don’t worry because you aren’t alone. We’re here to help you out, so keep on reading to learn about ten amazing things you can do to achieve a Zen state of mind. Check them out and enjoy!

Establish a daily routine and stick to it

Yes, we know that it probably seems a bit silly, but you know what? Establishing a daily routine and sticking to it can definitely bring you a Zen state of mind. Do you know why that is? Well, it’s because sometimes order and structure can be quite useful in our daily lives. So, once you establish your daily routine, you won’t have to think about too many things every day. You’ll feel relieved in a way, so don’t wait any longer and think about it. The less stuff to think about, the less stressful life is – as simple as that! This is particularly true these days, when pre-planning is essential due to the hectic lifestyle that leaves us almost no time to focus on ourselves. So, if you want to save yourself and maintain your overall well-being, stick to an established routine and you’ll do a great job!

Organize a Japanese tea ceremony

In case you didn’t know, the main purpose of the Japanese tea ceremony is to gain inner peace. This ceremony can also create a special bond between the host and their guests, which is a benefit you shouldn’t overlook. Did you know that this ceremony used to be practiced only by the elite Zen monks and noble warlords throughout history? That’s right, but it’s no longer the case these days. Many people practice it as a hobby, so why wouldn’t you give it a try, too? This ceremony consists of three steps, and the first one is the beginning of the session and bringing utensils to the room. The second one is ritualistic purification, and the third step is making and serving the perfect cup of tea. Just give it a fair shot if you’re a tea lover and you won’t make a mistake!

Practice yoga regularly…

Yoga undoubtedly has numerous health benefits, which is exactly why you should practice it regularly. This is particularly important if you want to achieve a Zen state of mind, so take one step at a time and start with the basics. In case you didn’t know, yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that has been present for around 5,000 years. Some people enjoy it for its fitness benefits, while others do yoga for its spiritual effects. If you’re more concerned about the second point, be sure to pay attention to two positions that will improve your breathing and calm your mind. The first one is called the lotus position, also known as the cross-legged position. Corpse pose is the second one and it can help you calm down and relieve your headache. Try them out and you’ll see an instant improvement!

… As well as meditation

Many people will say that yoga and meditation go hand in hand, and you know what? We completely agree with them, so make sure to combine them for the best results. It’s important to remember that meditation is one of the best natural ways to improve your health, which is a good enough reason to start practicing it. Reducing stress is one of its biggest benefits, which will inevitably bring you peace of mind. Apart from that, meditation can control your anxiety and promote emotional health. As a result, your self-image is likely to improve, which means that you’ll develop a more positive outlook on life. It’s good to know that some forms of meditation can even enhance your self-awareness, too. This will help you understand yourself much better and grow into your best self. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

Create a nice Zen garden

Can you achieve a Zen state of mind if you don’t create a nice Zen garden? Not really, so get down to it right away! These were originally created in Japan by Zen Buddhist monks, who raked the sand every single day to maintain its authentic pattern and prevent vegetation growth. However, the main purpose of these gardens is to spend your time in a specific spot to reflect, observe, and meditate. Of course, you don’t have to come up with a full-on, traditional Zen garden to reap the benefits. Instead, plant some beautiful shade loving plants and create a place that’ll encourage you to take a break and unwind during some stressful times at work. So, if this seems interesting, get crafty and enjoy your creation that’ll help you clear your mind and reflect on your thoughts when life gets rough!

De-clutter your home and add some indoor plants

A lot of people say that a chaotic home often leads to a chaotic mind, and guess what? We agree with this claim, so de-clutter your home if you want to achieve a Zen state of mind. First of all, this will significantly boost your efficiency. Too much unnecessary stuff in your house can be a huge distraction, which is why you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Besides that, reducing clutter will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning, too. We can all agree that spending time in a neatly organized room is much more pleasant than finding a place to sit due to complete chaos. Once you’ve de-cluttered everything, be sure to incorporate some beautiful plants into your interior as well. These can purify the air and help you relax, which are the benefits you shouldn’t overlook!

Visit your favorite spa center

Visiting your favorite spa center is another great way to achieve a Zen state of mind. So, don’t wait any longer and book the ultimate relaxing experience in your favorite spa center! There truly is something special about getting pampered, isn’t it? Needless to say, a relaxing massage should be the first step of your spa journey. If you’re really stressed out, book an hour-long, full-body massage and you won’t go wrong. Besides that, you can also go for body treatments such as wraps, packs, and exfoliation. These will make your skin extremely soft and supple, boost your circulation, and make it feel rejuvenated. Facial should be the next step, followed by manicure and pedicure. Many spa centers also offer aromatherapy, so try it out if that’s your cup of tea. Trust us when we say that you’ll feel completely refreshed after a day at a spa!

Simplify your daily activities

Living a stress-free life is an impossible mission for millions of people nowadays. Their schedules are too busy and they are no strangers to multitasking either. However, you must know that simplicity actually is the key to success here. All you need to do is to simplify your daily activities as much as possible. Before working on anything else, be sure to complete the most important tasks in every aspect of your life – personal, professional, psychological, and spiritual. Even though it probably seems like a huge challenge, it doesn’t have to be like that. Firstly, try to simplify your mental activity. Do your best to cut down on anything that stresses you out, if possible. Also, reducing your daily actions would be great. It’ll relieve your anxiety and save you a lot of nerves and time, which is an amazing benefit you should bear in mind!

Cleanse your mind

If you’re looking for a way to achieve a Zen state of mind, you’ll accomplish it by cleansing your mind. And what does that mean? Well, as mentioned above, it means that you should cut down on anything that bothers you and makes you feel stressed out. When we say this, we think mainly about outside stimuli that significantly affect the state of our minds. For example, every form of media belongs to this group – TV, news sites, YouTube – as well as the internet as a whole. There are personal and professional relationships with people in your environment, too. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, it’s a clear signal that you need to cleanse your mind. Firstly, make sure to turn off your TV and smartphone. Also, stop seeing toxic people that always make you feel bad – consciously or unconsciously. You’ll instantly see a huge difference!

Make some time for your friends

If you’ve ever seen the sitcom Friends, you surely know that your friends are essential for a happy life. There’s nothing without good people who surround you and make your life better. It means that you must make time for your friends no matter what you do in life. One study even shows that time with friends can boost your life expectancy – people with the most friends tended to outlive those with the fewest by 22 percent! Also, numerous studies showed that people with strong social connections had a 50 percent better chance of survival than those with weaker connections. As spending time with your friends can decrease your levels of stress, it makes it much easier to achieve a Zen state of mind, too. So, don’t wait any longer and see your best friends as soon as possible!

As you can tell, there are so many amazing things you can do to successfully achieve a Zen state of mind. These ten obviously are the best ones out there, so stick to or guidelines if you want to make it happen. Once you do that, you’ll see a phenomenal improvement – both in your mental and physical health. That’s a promise!