After 2020, health and wellness have switched places on the priority list for many. Back in 2019, it may have been somewhere in the middle of the list, often as an ignorable item. Who cares about what’s going on inside your body and brain when you can conveniently dress up fancy and head out to enjoy the precious moments of life?

Quite honestly, none of us did until COVID forced us into the four walls of our homes, making it impossible to skip the areas of reality that direly need our attention. Plus, the way this virus pulled off the blessing of breathing & existing from several hands without notice made most of us much more conscious and grateful for what we have.

Naturally, the rise in inclination towards health and well-being gave rise to several trends in 2021. And on that note, below are the top eight wellness trends that you ought to try!

Top 8 Wellness Trends 2021

1. Sanitizers & Smart Air Purifiers 

Let us begin the list with the new normal, i.e., the new cool. Or should we term this as a part of the new routine?

Whichever it may be, these are one of the must-haves of the current times. You cannot set a foot out of your house without a sanitizer in your bag or pocket. You do not know when you will need to touch your phone or have something on the go. Or even shake hands with someone. Hence, you always need to carry your mini germ-warrior, i.e., a sanitizer.

Similarly, Smart Air Purifiers are also becoming just as essential as wall clocks in every home. The coronavirus travels via air. Since they come equipped with medical-grade HEPA filters, these purifiers eliminate airborne germs and diseases, protecting you and your loved ones.

2. Digital Time-offs 

Ever since the very beginning of the pandemic, we have all been glued to screens. Be it in the form of phones, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles, or whatnot. Doing so, coupled with the constant burst of immensely depressing news and environment, has burnt us all a great deal.

For this very reason, digital time off has become a proper trend in 2021. People are increasingly preferring taking mini-breaks from social media wherein they delete all their apps or log off and stay by the calm of nature or on their own to enjoy the fullness of life around them. Or at least calm their mind from the frenzy of the world.

3. Metaphysical Guidance 

Yup, sounds strange, we know. But again, it’s the lack of physical well-being that has drawn us closer to spiritual well-being as well. Previously, people preferred referring to an intuitive expert, but today we see a rise in individual learning. People want to connect with their present and future self on a personal level.

Even more, protective crystals like Amethyst are also becoming popular by the day. Such crystals have a reputation for warding off evil energy and protecting your spiritual self. 

4. Infrared Sauna Blankets 

If you seek instant relief in 2021, infrared sauna blankets are your thing. These blankets comprise layers of PU leather which sandwich your body amongst them. And then, they ease muscle pain, strain and even help burn calories by heating the body.

5. Cannabis Craze 

Although healing compounds of Cannabis Sativa have had the attention of the industry for quite a while, the CBD and hemp products seem to be regaining the heights of their popularity. The latter is capable of soothing the mind without leading to intoxication, which of course, makes it a promising solution for many restless minds. Naturally, this is giving rise to the increased manufacturing of organic products from ingredients acquired directly from pure hemp farms

6. Sound Therapy

What would you opt for when you feel yourself all numb physically or mentally? Or perhaps when your brain is in a wild mess of thoughts – thoughts that won’t stop rushing to and fro?

Well, for most of us, the answer is: listening to a soothing melody. We tend to put on our favorite music and let our mind absorb its energy, get in tune with it, and sometimes even help us pick a train of thought.

A similar medical strategy is now trending in the form of sound therapy. The therapy makes use of different sounds and their varying frequencies, i.e., varying vibrations to set things right inside your brain and your body. As of yet, the therapy has served well for mild issues. 

7. Sleep Patterns 

Spas and fitness centers are increasingly emphasizing the importance of 8-hour sleep. Although the abundance of time in quarantine gave most of us an excellent opportunity to recover sleep, the depressing, and ever-so-frightening circumstances made it even more difficult for us. 

Those of us who dealt with the loss of loved ones, as well as those coping with humongous financial losses, propelled themselves into spells of insomnia. The situation was even worse for those depending on social interaction for sanity. The loneliness during quarantine messed up with peoples’ brains pretty bad. What’s more, the excessive and unlimited exposure to blue lights of gadgets served as a cherry on top of this sleep deprivation cake. Hence, we witness an overwhelming shift of attention towards restorative sleep for bringing the brain back to the right functioning pace.

8. Nutrigenomics 

Nutrigenomics, also known as Biohacking, is becoming a popular concept. That’s because it’s making healthcare easy and effective. The field concerns nutrition, genes, and health. It explores the individualistic response of your body to certain micro and macronutrients, which in turn help craft custom diets. Hence, leading to effective use of resources and maximum output in terms of your health. It even helps reduce the risk of the development of certain genetic diseases.

Final Words 

Summing up, wellness is in trend in quite a lot of ways. We will suggest you make the most of the time and push your lazy self out of the comfort zone. Step out and fall into the arms of any of the trends above. Permit your body to feel better again, and you will be thankful to yourself in the long run!