Increasing your industry knowledge and participating in continuing education is one of the most important factors in the succeess of your business. Regardless of it’s focus: treatment techniques, marketing your business, or business building exercises, finding educators and participating in their events will improve your industry knowledge!

We will be showcasing education partners in upcoming blogs that will be teaching at IECSC, June 23-25.  Check out additional information below and make these world class speakers part of your IECSC plans!

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Douglas Preston  from The Inspired Esthetician – President

Douglas Preston’s career spans 35+ years in professional esthetics, spa management and career mentoring. His business articles appear in many of the top trade journals and magazines. He is past-president of Aesthetics International Association, and former committee chairman for The Day Spa Association. Preston was named The Day Spa Association’s “Spa Person of the Year” and voted Favorite Spa Consultant in an American Spa magazine readers’ poll. His recently published book, An Esthetician’s Guide to Growing A Successful Skincare Career, is a top-seller among ambitious working skincare professionals. Preston leads The Inspired Esthetician, a membership-based resource for professional education and career/business mentoring. Preston practices esthetic skincare in his prestigious Los Gatos, CA studio, Preston Skin Center.

Upcoming Classes:

Career Advice for Estheticians Who Plan to Succeed: You plan to be a great esthetics success, but how? Here’s your chance to learn what ingredients lead to true professional achievement from veteran Esthetician and career mentor Douglas Preston. In this lively session, Preston will share with you his best tips for making it in the skincare business, and will take your questions to personally help you in your quest for success.

The Successful Esthetician Employer: What You Need to Know to Get the Most from Your Team:  Many spa/salon owners and physician employing professional estheticians struggle to find the best way to motivate a productive skincare team. Position turnover is often high with client retention and retail sales frequently disappointing. What can an employer do when nothing seems to work to improve team performance? Veteran spa owner, esthetician and business mentor Douglas Preston draws upon his decades of industry experience to share proven methods for improving employee competence and their income earning potential. Himself a former employer of a large esthetics department at his award-winning spa, Preston will reveal key hiring, training and motivational techniques that will help you tap the full power of your own team. Whether you currently employ estheticians in your business or plan to, this class is for you

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Michael Pugliese
Circadia by Dr. Pugliese

Upcoming Classes:

A Physiological Approach to Peels presented by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese: Acids are widely used in professional skincare, but some confusion still exists regarding what acids are and exactly how they affect the physiology of the skin. This comprehensive seminal will address the relationship between PH and the strength of peeling acids. Understanding eh concepts behind percentages, buffering and PK values will take your results to the next level. Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of lactic, glycolic, salicylic, and mandelic acids and their physiological responses.

Pigmentation Disorders Causes and Treatments presented by Circadia by Dr. Pugliese: Hyperpigmentation is a condition faced by many skincare professionals and consumers. This presentation will explore the mechanisms of melanin formation and melanocyte function. Learn why the enzyme tyrosinase, and newly discovered lightening mechanisms such as melanasome transfer (MIT) and melanin stimulating hormones (MSH) inhibitors are key components in melanin formation. Methods to reduce pigmentation by exfoliation and inhibition of melanin formation through enzyme blockage will be presented for treating melasma, inflammatory hyperpigmentation and photo damage.

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Aryn Sieber
Cannaisseur Brands

Aryn Sieber, a 9/11 first responder, is the founder of Cannaisseur Brands. He was diagnosed with inoperable stage IV neck and throat cancer thirteen years later. While enduring an aggressive regiment of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Aryn made and used his own blend of infused cannabis topical and tincture oils for relief from the side effects of his treatments. After four-months of treatments, Aryn’s doctors were amazed that his cancer had miraculously disappeared. Given his second chance, Aryn now devotes his time to educating others about the responsible use of cannabis and its medicinal benefits. Using his business acumen and cannabis expertise, Aryn developed and launched CBD Essentials, a line of therapeutic, non-psychoactive CBD infused topical oils, creams, and balms. The Body Cream has since been nominated “Best CBD Product for 2018”.

Upcoming Classes:

Incorporating CBD Infused Topicals into Your Spa

In this session, we will learn about:

  • Endo: What is CBD and how does it work with the bodies naturally occurring Endocannabinoid system?
  • Know your source: What to ask. Learn the differences between CBD infused products
  • The therapeutic benefits of CBD: Learn how CBD can provide for muscle and joint pain relief, inflammation and problematic skin conditions

This presentation will provide answers and insight into frequently asked questions. 

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Dori Soukup
InSPAration Management
Founder & CEO

Dori is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, a firm specializing in spa, medi spa and salon business development, advanced education, and BizTools. Over the past 18 years, Dori has contributed to the success of spa companies worldwide. Dori’s passion is developing innovative, effective educational programs and business strategies leading to exponential growth! Her Spa Business Success Library and Leadership seminars are delivered in a clear and concise manner providing spa and salon leaders with implementation blueprints to insuring success. Dori is a sought after global speaker within the spa and wellness industry. She is a published author; her articles and insights are featured in national and international trade publications and you can find her book Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits on Amazon.

Upcoming Classes:

A Blueprint to Building Your Dream Team: Do you have a team that does just enough to get by? Attend this session and learn how to select, hire and train a high-performance team. Discover the innovative C.L.A.R.I.T.I. hiring system and tips on how to recruit, hire and train your team to set them up for success. This system and tools are guaranteed to positively impact your business and income. Ideal for spa leaders and managers.

Is Your Website Working for You? presented by InSPAration Management – MD Ware: Is your website an online brochure or a money-making site? If you are not generating money, leads, engagement and a lot of traffic from your site, you must attend this session. A website should work for you 24/7. Learn how to create your online revenue stream, generate leads, launch your eCommerce and market your site. You will leave with plenty of strategies to improve and transform your online presence and increase your revenue.

Are You Making Six Figures with Spa or Medi Spa Events? presented by InSPAration Management – MD Ware: If not, you need to attend this session and discover effective secrets to help you plan and host successful events. Learn how to plan and prepare for the event, set goals and increase attendance, create offers and entice your guests to purchase, set up bartering arrangements and mistakes to avoid. You will leave with plenty of strategies to make your next event the best ever.