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Luin Living was founded by two Finnish women whose friendship started in 1999 with a dream to create the best hair towel in the world.  They wanted to provide the happy, comfortable and relaxed state of mind that one feels at the spa.

Today, their product line boasts a collection of products such as robes, spa dresses, ponchos and their signature hair towel; as well as fragrances, soaps and home decor in timeless colors and designs for all ages and all genders. The company’s bath fashions are designed in Finland and made in Turkey, long known for their exquisite and high-quality luxury home textiles. The towels are woven with a unique technology that allows for plushness on both sides, adding to their softness and absorbency. The softness, thickness and attention to detail of these products guarantees a relaxing, comfortable day at the spa.

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