With the pandemic taking a toll on many people, it just seems understandable how crucial it is to take a break from reality. Unfortunately, it was even harder to find opportunities to pamper yourself and relax due to the restrictions and constraints. However, as situations are being alleviated and controlled, businesses, including the spa industry, are again back in their game, with new promising spa trends for you to try in 2022.

Spa therapies have consistently been recognized as effective means for busy people to de-stress, rejuvenate, and refresh themselves. These few minutes or hours of relaxing and pampering feed your body and soul sure benefits to keep you conditioned once again. It’s time to discover other holistic approaches and innovations related to their offerings. 

If you’re in for some unconventional spa experience, here are some new trends you can try:

  1. Red Light Therapy 

Among the spa industry’s new offerings is red light therapy. This type of healing method involves the use of red-tinted light to stimulate the body’s natural defenses and alleviate a variety of health problems. Remarkably, this has been a famous treatment for people who want to improve their skin condition. This healing system is incorporated into many therapeutic services, such as facials and full-body therapies. UV-therapy beds can even be converted to red light therapy in some cases. You can find a great post to read about this topic online to obtain more information.

Red light therapy stimulates circulation, boosts collagen production, and enhances skin’s healing ability with heat and concentrated light. Because of the noticeable effective results after a few sessions, people have included this skin treatment service in their monthly pampering routines. After all, when you’re stressed out, your skin experiences more imperfections and breakouts, and this method can control your skin issue and renew your skin cells.

No ultraviolet rays are used in this treatment, and it’s non-invasive, so it’s safe to use. However, you can consult with your dermatologist or physician first to ensure that this treatment is suitable for your skin type. 

  1. Hair Scalp Conditioning And Massage 

While it’s pretty standard for people to emphasize caring for their body and face more, it won’t hurt to give more attention to your hair and scalp, too. There are many reasons you should try to have a hair spa. Relaxing your scalp with a massage will facilitate blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth. This treatment also cleanses and rejuvenates your scalp. You’ll feel like you’re in a salon and a spa at the same time when you try out this new offering.

  1. Bathing In Nature 

Forest bathing, which had its origins in Japan in the 1980s, is another spa trend that you might have had a few chances of viewing on your social media feeds. As it turns out, many spa businesses are offering this experience, and some of your friends or acquaintances might’ve already tried them.

Forest bathing refers to the act of experiencing feelings of peace and wellbeing, while immersing yourself in the natural environment by spending time in a forest or, at least, being close to nature. Numerous studies have shown that being in nature is beneficial to health, such as lowering your blood pressure, improving your concentration, and even lowering inflammation. 

By spending time in nature, you’ll have valuable time to cleanse, be healed, or cherish or reminisce things that you otherwise can’t when you’re exposed to urban living. With some innovations and a few twists and tricks, even city spa businesses can recreate their own versions of forest bathing so you can take advantage of it without driving miles and long distances into the rural countryside. The key is to get away from the noise and disruptions, and you’ll be able to enjoy your nature bath more. 

  1. Precious Metals Spa 

In spas and luxury hotels, precious metals, like diamonds, gold, and silver, serve more purposes than they intend to have. Although their primary use is to be worn to make the users look elegant and luxurious, they’re now incorporated into spa treatments and relaxation methods, like facial masks, creams, and body wraps. 

Several benefits are noted, including enhanced collagen production, deep hydration, a luminous sheen, and the reduction of dark circles. As these implementations use genuine precious metals upon skin application, it’s understandable why they’re a bit pricier than other treatments in the market. But, if you have a budget to spare, this is, indeed, a must-try. 

  1. Digital Detox 

People who want to disconnect from technology and their hectic daily lives are increasingly seeking out wellness retreats to some relaxing places away from urban life. This method is otherwise known as a digital detox, and it comes with unexpected benefits. Now, this service is already being offered by some spa businesses. This is extremely helpful for people to refresh their minds and keep their bodies healthier. 

A digital detox service enables you to stay in a place with no Internet access, and all you need to do is walk with nature, read books, do workouts, meditate, and pray. To find out what you really feel, you need to disconnect from all the noise around you. And, this is the best spa treatment intended for that purpose.  


Spa visits play an essential part in maintaining your overall wellbeing. It’s crucial to take a break from your daily grind and plan out a few hours or days to the spa. With the different ideas mentioned above, you can try out new services and elevate your spa experience even more.