Never Do This When Terminating an Employee

One of the most difficult aspects of being an employer is making the decision to terminate an employee. Once you determine termination is appropriate, plan for the termination discussion. Be careful what you say because mistakes here can lead to headaches down the road. Here are some examples of statements and actions you should avoid when terminating an employee.

Delivering the news via text message.

When possible, you should inform the employee of your decision face-to-face. There may be occasions when a face-to-face meeting isn’t appropriate, such as when there’s a reasonable fear for the safety of co-workers or company property and you don’t want the terminated employee coming back to the workplace. In such cases, you may need to inform the employee via a phone call.

Terminating an employee in front of co-workers.

Terminating an employee can have a negative impact on employee morale, and doing so in front of co-workers can make it even worse. The termination meeting should be held in a private location out of earshot of co-workers.

Once the employee is terminated, let co-workers know about the employee’s departure and explain who will be handling their work responsibilities in the future. Avoid disclosing the reason for the employee’s departure.

Meeting with the employee without a witness.

It’s a best practice to have a witness, such as an HR representative, present during termination meetings, when possible. The witness can also take notes during the meeting to document what was said.

Beating around the bush.

Once the termination meeting begins, don’t delay delivering the bad news. Clearly and concisely state upfront that you are terminating their employment and provide a brief description why. For instance, “the reason for this meeting is to notify you that I am terminating your employment, effective today, because you didn’t meet performance standards.”

Making false or misleading statements.

While you may show compassion (such as thanking them for their contributions and wishing them well), avoid saying anything false or misleading to soften the blow. For instance, if you are terminating because of poor performance, don’t suggest possible continued or future employment.

Arguing with the terminated employee.

Give the employee an opportunity to speak and listen to their point of view, but avoid engaging in an argument. Instead, make clear that the decision is final.

Failing to address final pay and benefits.

Make sure you’re prepared to provide information about the employee’s final pay and benefits during the termination meeting. Keep in mind that there are federal and state rules for providing final pay and certain notices to terminated employees. Additionally, depending on your state, you may be required to include accrued, unused vacation and paid time off in the employee’s final pay. Make sure you comply with all applicable requirements.

Withholding final pay until they return company equipment.

As a general rule, you may not withhold final pay until an employee returns company equipment. You must meet the applicable final pay deadline even if the employee hasn’t returned company property. Federal law requires final pay at the next regular payday, but several states have their own rules, some of which require final pay at the time of termination.

Deductions: While withholding an employee’s final paycheck isn’t permitted, there are some cases in which deductions may be allowed under federal law. For non-exempt employees (employees who are entitled to minimum wage and overtime), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) permits deductions for unreturned equipment as long as it does not reduce the employee’s pay below the minimum wage and does not cut into any overtime pay. Some states prohibit this practice or have additional requirements, so check your state law before making a deduction. Deductions for unreturned equipment are not permitted for employees classified as exempt from overtime.

Note: Under the FLSA, employers are generally required to obtain an employee’s consent before making a permissible deduction. The agreement must specify the particular items for which deductions will be made (such as company uniforms, equipment, or employee theft) and how the amount of the deduction will be determined. It’s a best practice to obtain the employee’s authorization in writing and consult legal counsel before making a deduction.


Both the decision to terminate an employee and notifying the employee of that decision must be handled with extreme care. Make sure everyone involved in the process is properly trained.

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An hour-long session at our favourite spa is one of the few activities that we associate with relaxation and self-pampering. And Sunday is the best day for self indulgence, isn’t it? While it comes to opting for a particular therapy, a spa menu actually spoils us for choice. It has something for every part of your body starting from head to toes. You can choose from a wide array of exotic skin treatments and intensive massage sessions, depending on your requirement. No matter what you choose, the benefits of a spa therapy are manifold. Starting from stress alleviation and pain management to helping you look younger, you get it all from this therapy. Here, we sum up a few of them for you. Happy pampering!

Increases blood circulation
A gentle spa massage manipulates your soft tissues and increases the secretion of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals are released as a part of the relaxation response and they result in improved blood and lymph circulation.

De-stresses your mind and body
A massage includes safe touch that invites your body to relax. During a spa massage session, the muscles of your entire body experience measured pressure that leads to a state of relaxation. Your blood pressure comes down and breathing rate becomes slow and production of stress hormones decreases. Also, it increases the secretion of the chemical serotonin that positively influences brain chemistry and eases muscle tension. A massage therapy allows your troubling thoughts to drift away helping you to shift to a more meditative state. This state of mind is known to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. You can opt for massage therapy with essential oils such as lavender and rose. Lavender oil has amazing relaxation qualities and a refreshing scent too. This natural ingredient also promotes the health of your skin due to its antiseptic properties that fight bacteria. In fact, rubbing a little lavender essential oil on your feet can also de-stress your whole body. Apart from lavender, there are a number of other aromatic options including cinnamon leaf oil, cedarwood oil, lime essential oil and eucalyptus oil which have similar effects. Therapeutic massages with these essential oils are effective in alleviating muscular tension. Bonus: Your immunity also gets a boost. As your stress hormones go down, the count of your white blood cells goes up. They are crucial parts of your immune system.

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Honestly, I just thought her face just looked bare of makeup and a tad red. Maybe this was a trend that I didn’t understand. Or maybe the lighting was bad for her photo. Anyways, she said her skin looked better than ever, so I had to know what exactly dermaplaning is.

After reading an article on, I learned a lot. Apparently, dermaplaning is just a fancy term for a scalpel facial, which is just another fancy term for shaving your face—not by yourself and not with an at-home razor, but with a scalpel and done by a dermatologist.

So why exactly would you want your face shaved by a pro? The dermatologist scrapes your skin to remove peach fuzz and dead skin. If you want to keep the peach fuzz away, you need to make regular dermaplaning appointments, about one every month.

Dermaplaning also is promoted as a perfect solution for helping your makeup go on more smoothly. And it’s supposed to help your skin care products sink in better. Many salons offer dermaplaning alongside other treatments or facials to get an even brighter and softer result.

Here are some things to think about before scheduling your appointment. If you have acne, there’s a chance the scalpel could pop a pimple, causing it to take longer to heal. If you’re having a serious breakout, it’s best to reschedule.

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